Short Version

  1. I, with business colleagues need to find and then train quality workers for a worker shortage in Niagara.
  2. When that gap is filled; we shall push to bring in more business.
  3. In collaboration with educators, we shall teach people badly needed trade skills.
  4. I shall organize with many others to MOVE NIAGARA FORWARD.
  5. I shall be part of the solution to help those less fortunate.
  6. I am a member of no political party. I’m for the Niagara Party.
  7. My vote at council will be for what is best for Niagara.
  8. I seek input from the general public and business owners.

Please see the long version if you want more details to this short version.

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Long Version

  1. George will work hard to help businesses find the workers they need and are short of. In spite of what you hear, there are quite a few businesses in Niagara looking for help. According to a very recent survey, 41% of Canadian companies cannot get sufficient workers. Those seeking work need to be prepared to work. Planning and Economic Committee should be all over this to get this major task accomplished. I would like to see less politicians and more business people on this committee. This committee needs members who have had to make payroll each week in order to pay their staff. We have the knowledge of what it takes to run a business and work with people. We are also people who have gambled our own money, worked many hours yes even weekends, to make a living while hiring others to help us as we grew. There are business people in Niagara who would sit on this committee because I have already asked them. Now I challenge you to help me and the citizens of Niagara. The pay sucks but the rewards are plenty. 

  2. After we get more people working to fill the workers gap, we need to bring in more businesses which will require more good workers. 

  3. It would be wonderful to have people ready and able to work. In my business world I see a segment of society who want a job but don't really want to work for their pay. I know this through discussions with many of my fellow business owners. It will take time to change this mentality but it can be done. I shall work with many others to fix this. 

  4. We need to MOVE NIAGARA FORWARD in collaboration with schools, unions, businesses, engaged citizens and organizations. It can be done. It must be done. It will be done. It just takes the right people to achieve this success. I have faith in the connections I have in all of the aforementioned sectors. 

  5. I shall work with those in Niagara to better help those less fortunate finding housing accommodation. If you refer back to #1 on my list, people with jobs can afford to pay for lodgings, food and the necessities of life. It will also give them a sense of pride and self worth. We need to discover new ways and imaginative ways to help these folks.

  6. I shall be a member of no cabal and I belong to no political party. Party politics has no place in municipal government! We need to worry about the people needing our assistance not what political party someone is from.

  7. I shall vote only for what is best for Niagara, not just in the best interest of my city that elected me. It will take courage on occasion but I must stick with my principles on this concept.

  8. On my website, you shall see that I am going to do something different that no one else has done that I know of in Niagara politics. I shall seek input by way of surveys, what the business community and the general public think on some issues. It will also have an area for a person to give their input. They must also give their name or it doesn't count from someone hiding under anonymous.